Free hosting for your 360° spherical panoramas

Despite the fact that we charge a small fee for placing spherical panoramas, virtual tours and using the capabilities of the site, you can still post spherical panoramas on the site for free.

Three easy steps to post your panoramas for free
Your panorama should be less than 5 MB. If your panorama file exceeds 5MB, you can try to reduce it to 5 MB in a graphics editor such as GIMp (free), Photoshop or some other. Here is an example of a panorama in the resolution of 8000x4000, posted for free. JPG compression quality - 65%. Panorama file size 4.7Mb.
After posting a panorama, make sure it is in the Published section. Even if your panorama is up to 5 Mb but is in Unpublished or in Drafts, then coins for loading the panorama will be debited from your account.
Fill out the panorama information. It is necessary to pay attention to:
The name of the panorama and the description of the panorama must be filled.
Specify the location of the panorama and add location tags.
Specify equipment tags, for example, camera name, lens name, etc.
After following these simple steps, make sure the panorama quality index is greater than 35. Improve your performance if necessary. By filling out information about panoramas you help other users find your work and you can publish your work for free.